Thursday, August 28, 2008

im favorite color is green.i love potatoes... all kinds.i enjoy bubble baths.i am honest.i refuse to wear shoes without socks... but flip flops are my favorite, so its really not a problem.i am a dreamer.politics bore me.promises are made to be kept, not broken.i love dogs!horses too.someday i will have a husky named little sister gives me the best advice.i am very indecisive.i love to laugh.i like to read...believe it or not.i think the phrase, "i love you" is thrown around too carelessly in premature relationships, yet not voiced enough amongst loved ones.i need my independence... don't tell me what to do.i hate being lied to.i love having meaningful conversation.i think happiness is a state of mind.i believe in angels.though not any time soon, i cant wait to be a mom.i can't stand screaming music.i love eating warm brownies and slightly melted ice cream...right out of the mom is one of my best friends.i know i can do anything i set my mind to... Just Focus and Do It.i love the beach.i enjoy cleaning.i'm not high maintanence.but i am sensitive.i think its sad that the people you never expect to let you down, probably will.i find it incredibly attractive when a boy plays the piano.or guitar.i love the goonies.i believe in happy endings despite my parents unsucessful marriage.sunsets are better that sunrises...simply because you don't have to wake up early to watch them.